Sports Neuropsychology

Clinical sports neuropsychology is a sub-specialty of neuropsychology that focuses on concussion assessment, diagnosis, management/intervention, and counseling of athletes and families. The assessment and management of neuropsychological functioning and rehabilitation, understanding interplay of premorbid comorbidities (i.e., ADHD/LD), psychological reactions to injury, and determination of clearance from a neuropsychological or cognitive standpoint.

Appointments will vary dependent on the athlete’s need. Some athletes may only undergo computerized neuropsychological testing (i.e., ImPACT), while others need additional paper and pencil assessments to further investigate symptoms or concerns. For example, additional testing allows to understand causes of prolonged recovery, including cognitive concerns such as difficulties with concentration, divided attention, processing speed, or memory. Some athletes may need this extended testing  to further examine cognitive (i.e., memory, concentration) deficits and/or changes in mood and personal and personality.

We serve athletes of all ages (amateur and professionals)
We are actively involved in:
  • Concussion Management
  • Baseline Testing for young, new athletes (IMPACT)