Our COVID-19 Saftey Measures

What we are doing to protect you and the staff from COVID 19

Step 1

  • Patients and staff are required to wear a mask. Patients and staff. No exceptions.
  • Patients and staff temperature is taken to make sure nobody is running a fever.
  • COVID 19 Questionnaire needs to be completed.

Step 2

  • Hand sanitizer is provided.
  • Patients and staff are expected to cleans hands with hand sanitizer several times.
  • 3ft by 2 1/2ft shields separate patient and staff.
  • Medical grade air purifiers (HEPA13) are in each testing room to clean the air 5 to 6 times per hour.

Step 3

A hybrid model is being followed to reduce the amount of time spent in the office :

  • Diagnostic Interview are conducted via Zoom.
  • Testing is is done in-office.
  • Questionnaires are completed online
  • Feedback and Therapy appointments are conducted via Zoom.

Step 4

All intake forms are sent to the patient via Docusign to be reviewed, completed and signed.

Step 5

Limiting the number of staff, patients and family members that can be in the office at any given time.

Step 6

Testing rooms, offices, testing supplies are cleaned with bleach/alcohol between patients.